Complete PADI Dive Center, boats, Instructor & Dive Masters

Nitrox & Air fills



Brand new Diving & Snorkeling Equipment

12 liters tanks with INT/DIN connections (15 liters tanks upon request)

Training pool (10 ft/3 m) depth.

Unlimited diving (up to 4 dives a day)


Attend our dive, photography and marine life courses in our airconditioned Class Room


Camera Room


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Our spacious camera room with more than 18 stations with Air Guns (Its empty because all guest went out diving with their equipments 


Enjoy our state of the art camera room, with 18 individual work stations with matted desks/shelves, outlets, lockers, air guns and lights. A matted center table with 8 lockers is provided for additional guests.  You will also find that 4 rinse tubs are fully matted specifically to protect your cameras.

Equipment Room

Order and security are both important to us… In our equipment room you will find 18 divisions with 36 boxes for proper organization of your dive gear plus additional space for other guests.


ourresort boats1


Our boats are traditional Filipino "Bangkas", one of the most stable boats ever built and the ideal boat to directly dock on our beach under all weather conditions. It has a capacity of  up to 10 divers + our crew, but most of the time we  only assign 6 divers together with our experienced dive masters.