Biodiversity - as Anilao lies in the center of the coral triangle ! 

Anilao is world famous for it's very rare critters, but has even much more to offer for enthusiastic divers. A sunken floating casino, very colorful and healty reefs, many different kind of corals in a stunning underwater landscape.

Marine Life includes more than 600 different kinds of nudibranchs, pigmy sea-horses, anthias, gobies, frogfishes, rare shrimps and crabs.

5 types of octopuses including blue ring. Flambouyant cuttlefish, jacks, turtles, triggerfishes, cardinals, fusiliers, damsels, giant clams, clown fishes, groupers, mandarin fishes, moray eels including blue ribon.

Barracudas, idols, parrotfish, batfish, snakes, scorpionfish, stonefish, lionfish, rhinopias, ghost pipefish, leaf, squids, cuttlefish, pufferfish, crinoids, sweetlips and much more.

One of the many highlights is definetely a night dive on our house reef !