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Diving changes lives, and not just of those of us lucky enough to travel the world immersing ourselves in the marine world. It can be transformative for those working in scuba tourism. Here are just a few stories photojournalist Louise Murray gleaned in one dive trip around the Philippines…


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Biodiversity from the Muck to the Reef: Scuba Diving Anilao, Philippines

Anilao – vibrant reefs and crazy critters

Ann Karin Matberg • OM-D E-M1 Mark II • M.Zuiko Digital ED 8 mm F1.8 Fisheye PRO • PT-EP14 • PPO-EP02 • 2 x UFL-3

Anilao is famous amongst divers for several reasons, but mainly for a unique diversity of macro stuff, and lately also for so called black water diving (night diving in extremely deep waters, hanging from a rope and just waiting to see what drifts by). Before my trip there, not too many divers had mentioned the incredibly rich reefs in the area, and so the beauty of this place came as a very, very pleasant surprise for our group and definitely deserves to be mentioned!